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Very happy with service...

Rented a Suzuki Vitara diesel automatic for 10 days and took Platinum insurance for peace of mind. The car was quite new (29K km), clean and had very few scratches. Handled beautifully all the 3000km I threw at it. When the car gave an oil change warning in Egilstadir I contacted them and I was directed right away to a local affiliated mechanic who came within 45 minutes to check all was well. Car check in and check out went smoothly and fast and the staff were very polite and efficient. I certainly recommend this company

* * * * *
- Renter from Malta. Rented Suzuki Vitara | Auto.

Very nice car rental company...

From Google reviews:

Very nice car rental company and professional service. Car rented was in perfect condition! You got mails from office during your trip regarding road condition which is really important to know when you drive in Iceland. Thank you for all!

* * * * *
- Renter from Indonesia. Rented Hyundai Tucson.

I got a Nissan pulsar to get me to thingvellir ...

From Google reviews:

I got a Nissan Pulsar to get me to Thingvellir and Kerið and around Reykjavík the car worked excellently. Easy to get to from the airport and the staff was very friendly late at night.

* * * * *
- Rented Nissan Pulsar.

Good rentals, affordable prices...

Reykjavik rental car was quick, the staff were easy to deal with, and the car was reliable and perfect for our needs. Definitely plan to rent from them again the next time we visit Iceland.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Suzuki S Cross | Auto.

We rented a Hyundai i30 and the car was very clean and neat (had less than 4k km on) ...

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We rented a Hyundai i30 and the car was very clean and neat (had less than 4k km on). The pick-up and drop-off was really quick and effortless. They also do not charge a deposit (holding amount) to our credit card which is great. I did take the platinum insurance option and stuck to the paved roads and would recommend others to also consider it. Some of the paved roads actually have a lot of loose stones on it. The fuel discount tag was also quite nice. I would definitely use them again when I'm in Iceland. Thanks for the great service!

* * * * *
- Renter from South Africa. Rented Hyundai I30.

Great service...

We were helped very quickly and efficiently. Our questions before arriving in Iceland were also answered very fast.
I would use your services again.

* * * * *
- Renter from South Africa. Rented VW Golf | Manual.

,真的是一間很棒的公司 ...

From Google reviews:

剛剛結束冰島之旅,人還沒離開機場就忍不住要來評價一下,真的是一間很棒的公司,我們取車時因為誤算時差,提早約兩小時取車,工作人員很親切,也沒有多收費用,取車後車況都有註記刮痕位置,且工作人員也有提醒一些冰島駕車的注意事項,全程十天我們租用Subaru foresters 開起來很順暢,各項功能都無問題,輪胎胎紋等狀況也很好,可能因為我們保最高的險,還車時檢查人員大概把車門開關確認,可以發動就完成了,整體使用上很滿意,我們在預計下次來冰島的旅程了,絕對會在這間在租一次的!

* * * * *
- Renter from China. Rented Toyota.


Hello .. I work here in Iceland and it is time to go home and took advantage of the beautiful summer weather we go to see the north of the island .. and it was amazing .. it was totally worth the whole trip and time spent here .. the island is a country with unique landscapes in the world that cuts your breath.

* * * * *
- Renter from Romania. Rented VW Up | Manual.

Great experience!...

We had a wonderful trip to Iceland in August 2018. We rented the Suzuki Jimny for 7 days and it was exactly what we were expecting. Receiving the car at their Reykjavik office was easy, fast and efficient. We chose a little last minute to add the in-car WIFI (which was an excellent addition for us) and they had no problem accommodating our request. Everyone we spoke with either when receiving or returning the car was pleasant and knowledgeable. We would not hesitate to rent from them again.

* * * * *
- Renter from Canada. Rented Suzuki Jimny | Manual.

Hassle free car rental...

We would most certainly recommend Reykjavik Car Rentals to any people we know travelling to Iceland.
Within a day of our contracted time of drop off, my wife and I realised we had made a dreadful error when we booked some 9 - 10 months ago. We had booked the car for 2 days less than was needed. As we had accommodation booked, miles away from Reykjavik it was impossible for us to get the car back on time. On phoning head office, our rental was extended without penalty. Of course we paid for the extra days and associated costs such as insurance as you would expect. Staff were most helpful and understanding.
Drop off was seamless.

* * * *
- Renter from Australia. Rented Suzuki S Cross | Auto.