What do I need to rent a car with you?

You need a credit card and a valid driving licensce. 

Can I rent without a credit card?

You may be able to pay with a debit card on our website, if your card has an online payment option. We require a credit card to pick up the car.

If you only have a debit card, we accept debit cards that have the 16 digit number on the front if you also buy our Platinum Insurance package for the duration of your rental period.

All prices include

Special Offers

We offer our website visitors exclusive discounts on many 4x4 rental cars this month.

When you book for 7-14 days you get an extra 5% off our website prices.

When you book for more then 14 days that discount goes up to 10%.

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Nissan Car Rental...

Everything was smooth and no problems. Rented a small Nissan which was fine even on gravel roads (we went slow not to scratch the car). Not an off road vehicle but did fine all over Iceland. The rental company was very California, USA and we had a good experience so I would recommend them.

California, USA

* * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Nissan Qashqai | Manual.

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About Reykjavik RENT A CAR

Reykjavik Rent a Car is a car rental Iceland service offering a wide range of both high-performance premium cars and environmentally-friendly cars. If you are looking for cheap car rental Iceland then we have a range of cars to suit your needs. Our main concern is simplicity in booking a car and giving clear and detailed information on our wide range of rental cars.

Our website is very user friendly, with a simple online booking form which lets customers book in just a few easy steps. We have two main offices in Iceland including car rental at Iceland airport in Keflavik and car rental Reykjavik. This means you can pick up your car from the airport but also reach us at our Reykjavik office if you have a problem with your car hire.

We only choose high-quality, reliable cars that fulfil even the strictest requirements. Our 4WD selection includes top makes such as Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Rav4, Subaru Forester, Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Suzuki S-Cross and the small and famous Suzuki Jimny.

If you are looking for car hire Iceland then Reykjavik Rent a Car can help. We provide a wide range of options for car hire Reykjavik and at Keflavik airport so that you can find the perfect car rental to meet your needs.