Picture this - you’re driving the winding roads of Iceland with your friend or loved one in the passenger seat. All that you’re thinking about is the open road, and the stunning landscapes rolling out in front of you. Work is a distant memory, and you can feel the call of the wilderness as you set out on your journey. 

The last thing you’re worrying about is that pesky speed camera!

Speeding limits are clearly marked in cities and on roads across the country. Speed limits can change with terrain changes or sharp turns, so make sure to be vigilant in checking what the new limit is at any stage. Not knowing the speed limit is never an excuse to avoid a fine.

When returning after an incredible holiday, the worst thing would be to receive fines of hundreds of dollars. And many visitors do! Speed limits are clearly marked both in towns and out in Iceland’s countryside, but many underestimate how strict the limits are. Our guide is here to give you the rundown on what you need to know about speeding in Iceland.

How would I get a speeding ticket?

If you are exceeding the speed limit in Iceland, it’s highly likely you’ll be issued with a ticket. These are detected either by a speed camera or by a police car that might be in the area. It’s rarer for police cars to be further afield than in and around Reykjavik, but it can happen.

Police officer standing outside a stopped car talking to the driver.

How much are Icelandic speeding fines?

Speeding fines in Iceland are incredibly harsh, so it’s crucial that you’re following the speed limit at all times. These discreet little cameras are located all over the country and are unforgiving. Your approaching speed is measured and, if over the speed limit, you could be in for a real treat when you hand back your rental car. Fines will depend on the speed constrictions in place and how much you are over the top limit. Find out how much you could be charged below.

Speeding Offence

Fine Amount 

Driving 26km/h+ over allowed top speed (in 30-35km speed zones)


Driving 36km/h+ over allowed top speed (in 50-60km speed zones)


Driving 41km/h+ over allowed top speed (in 70km speed zones)


Driving 41km/h+ over allowed top speed (in 80-90km speed zones)


Note that there are some conditions which will add another 20% on top of the above fines. These include if the vehicle you are speeding in is:

  • A bus.
  • A vehicle exceeding 3,500kg.
  • Pulling any kind of trailer.

Road winding through a mountainous area of Iceland.

What happens if RRC customers are caught speeding?

If you are traversing Iceland in one of our rental cars, the speeding ticket will be sent to our office. We will then hand your details over to the police who will contact you directly regarding the offence. In the event we are notified of a speeding offence, we charge a service fee of 5000. ISK, or around USD$37 per ticket. Note that it’s not uncommon for 1 vehicle to accrue several offences in 1 day.


How can I pay a speeding ticket?

If you are caught by a speed camera, you will receive your speeding fine in the post. Like many fines, you can knock 25% off your fine if you agree to pay within a certain time period. If you have missed this period, you will have to pay the full speeding offence amount. You’ll also see the additional 5000 ISK charge for our service fee in the letter you receive.

While most of the time, you will be caught by speed cameras, it is also possible for police cars to pull you over if you are driving over the speed limit. In this case, you will have the option to pay the ticket on the spot to receive the same 25% discount. If not, the ticket will be sent to your address and you pay as above.
For more top tips about driving in Iceland, explore our blog for a range of advice. Get in touch with any questions you might have about renting a car in Iceland.