Iceland is an otherworldly destination, where adventure can be found around every corner. So, when it comes to exploring the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, why not do so freely? Renting a car will offer you the opportunity to explore without limits, knowing that you will be brought back to your accomodation in the safety of your own vehicle. Read our blog for some great reasons on why you should rent a car in Iceland.

The ability to explore

The obvious reason as to why you should rent a car in Iceland is the ability to explore. You are able to head into the highlands of Iceland, stopping at every waterfall, volcano or glacier you find. What's more, you can work on a personal itinerary. There’s no waitting for the rest of your tour group and there’s definitely no seeing things you aren’t keen on seeing. The unpredictability of Iceland's weather can be confusing to say the least, and can drastically change your plans. A rental car will offer you the freedom to change your plans and simply head to the next sight on your list, or stay put until the weather clears. It’s time to take control of your holiday!

Limited public transport

When it comes to visiting Iceland, some decide to explore via public transport. However, what many don't know is the fact that Iceland’s public transport links are fairly underdeveloped and are limited due to the small population and Iceland’s rugged terrain. The country offers no rail service and minimal buses, and so exploration options for the adventurous tourist are low. Although there are nationwide bus services, the routes do not cover the more rugged areas of Iceland’s lands. A 4x4 rental car will enable you to access the beautiful F-Roads of the country.

Safety and comfort

Lets face it, there's nothing worse than feeling restricted. So why would you want to feel this restricted on holiday? Having to follow the schedules of tourist bus tours or public transport links is tiring, and it can often be difficult to keep up to date with every itinerary. It can be a lot more comforting knowing that you are in control of your agenda. Getting into a warm, clean and cosy rental car is a luxury option which you should definitely consider. Buses can often get busy, especially in peak tourist times. Researchers have shown that those who travel by bus are 6 times more likely to end up in the doctor's office, due to exposure to illnesses. In a rental car you are protecting yourself from these risks, meaning a much safer holiday.


Although it may sound expensive, renting a car in Iceland can be done so on a budget. At Reykjavik Rent a Car, we offer rentals for as little as 19 a day! This is cheaper than taking the bus with a small family, so it works out to be extremely cost effective. If you are interested in booking a rental car with us or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us here.