It’s important to not only be aware of the rules and regulations around child safety in cars but also the different types of booster seats and car seats you’ll need in order to keep within Iceland car seat laws whilst exploring the spectacular scenery on offer. 

After all, with the unpredictability in Icelandic weather it’s always best to ensure that you and your family are taking all the precautions necessary for a safe, yet fun-filled family adventure

Types of booster/car seats 

The age and size of your child will dictate the type of car seat you’ll need for them, to not only ensure safety within Icelandic car seat regulations but also to act as an effective safety precaution should anything unexpected occur on the road. There are various types of car seats that can be suitable for your vehicle as it navigates Icelandic roads, including:

  • Rear-facing 
  • Forward-facing 
  • Booster seat with high back 
  • Backless booster seat

Icelandic law requires that age and weight both be factors when it comes to determining what type of car seat you should be using for your children. Therefore when looking at different options they will often be displayed by the age range and weight required for each car seat. These will be a useful guide for you when browsing the many different models.

In addition to this, it is recommended that children always sit in the back seats when travelling by car in Iceland. Icelandic law specifically states that no child under 135 cm should sit in the front seat of a car if there is an airbag that could be activated there. This will offer the utmost protection should the worst happen.

Parents holding a toddlers hands as she walks over rocks.

Infants & Babies - (0-2 years of age, 0-13kg)

When you are travelling with an infant it is safest to ensure they are securely fastened into a rear-facing infant car seat. These seats are recognised as being the safest options for children of this specific age and size due to the position and design of the car seat. Rear-facing infant car seats typically provide the best cover in the case of any road collision, be that in the front or rear of the vehicle.

You’ll have a range of different options in terms of these seats. Some will have a base that is fitted into the car, where you will remove the seat to carry the child in and out of the car. Others will need to be fitted before you commence each journey.

Toddlers & Young Children (1-4 years of age, 9-18kg)

Once a child has grown out of the infant stage, then it would be best to move on to using a forward-facing car seat. Front-facing car seats are often very durable with a number of harnesses and clips to ensure your child is securely fastened in the seat. In fact, in Iceland, this car seat usually has five anchor points, so in the case of any incident, your child will be kept safe. 

Young child sitting in car sat with a fluffy green toy.

Children (4-10 years of age, 15-36kg)

When you are travelling with slightly older and taller children, they will likely require a booster seat with a high back to offer more support. These chairs often look a little like a high chair, with a tall back that goes up to the child's head/neck. This seat will have a seat belt restraint that threads through the notches along the back to ensure the seat sits correctly and prevents it from sliding about beneath the child. This will be especially useful in the case any hard braking or sharp turns are required on Iceland’s unpredictable roads.

Older Children (above 135cm in height)

Once you have an older child who no longer fits in a booster seat with a tall back, then they will be required to switch to a backless booster seat, until they are above the height of 135cm (just under 4 and a half feet, or 53 inches). This seat is fastened with the seatbelt going between a notch on either side of the seat to ensure that it is securely placed in the car and doesn’t slide about. 

We understand that your child's safety is paramount during your stay in Iceland, so we want to ensure you have all the necessary information needed to ensure this is the case. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, a member of our team will be happy to help. In addition, you can browse our own car seat rentals to find one that works for you and your family.