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Good Experience

It was pretty good.

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- Renter from United States. Rented Ford Kuga.


The service and the car rental were both excellent

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- Renter from United States. Rented Dacia Dokker Passenger.

Getting to the depot from Keflavik Airport was an easy transition...

From Google reviews:

Getting to the depot from Keflavik Airport was an easy transition. All relevant paperwork was ready and waiting my arrival. I was on my way within 10/15 minutes max and en route to Reykjavik. Used the vehicle to travel Keflavik Airport / Reykjavik / Blue Lagoon / Keflavik Airport - all was perfectly simple and easy. The price was the best available from all rental companies (hence the choice), and the car & service perfect. On the return, I tried to fill the car but could not. Apparently the gas station was having an issue with accepting US credit cards. The Reykjavik Rent a Car representative recommended another gas station a short way away which worked perfectly. I will someday return to Iceland and I will rent a car again. Stands to good reason that I will communicate my request with Reykjavik Rent a Car once again. They served me well. In closing, I have spent 40+ years working in the travel industry and I know what service is about in this industry. This company certainly gets my vote of confidence. So much so, that if I have passengers traveling to Iceland who would like to rent a vehicle, I have no hesitation recommending Reykjavik Rent a Car.

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- Renter from Belgium. Rented Hyundai Tucson.

Bei ins lief alles soweit gut ab und die Leute waren freundlich zu uns...

From google reviews:

Bei ins lief alles soweit gut ab und die Leute waren freundlich zu uns. Wir haben im Voraus eine Platinum Versicherung gebucht, was ich sehr empfehlen kann. Das einzige was man ein wenig besser machen könnte wäre dass mab bei der Rückgabe nicht erst eine Nummer ziehen gehn muss. Dafür hat man im Wartesaal Strom und USB-Anschlüsse wie auch eine Toilette. Ich würde hier wieder buchen

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- Renter from Germany. Rented Suzuki Vitara.

Quick and helpful staff...

From Google reviews:

Quick and helpful staff, the cars were clean and newer models. Great pricing and should there be any issue, they are willing to solve them and provide solution. Would recommend and use their vehicles again. Thanks.

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- Renter from United States. Rented Hyndai Tucson.

Perfect car and good service


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- Renter from Netherlands. Rented VW Caravelle 4wd | Auto.

Wonderlust Iceland ...

Everything is fine and procedure to return car simple as well.

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- Renter from Malaysia. Rented Suzuki Vitara | Auto.

Well my van rental was wonderful. ...

From Google reviews:

Well my van rental was wonderful. The van worked great we had a large group 8 people this van worked out great. Picking up the the vehicle was easy but you have to understand that there are only so many people and when you walk into a busy place one may have to wait a few minutes. When dropping the vehicle off it was easy they came out with you and inspected the vehicle with you and went over things it was a great experience and when I come back to Iceland I will be coming back. Hope it all works iceland was a great place loved the country and the people.

* * * * *
- Renter from United States. Rented Jeep Wrangler.

Csak jót tudok mondani....

From Google reviews:

Csak jót tudok mondani. Az autó felvétel és leadás is gördülékenyen zajlott. Bár nem a lefoglalt autót kaptam de kategóriában talán még jobbat is. Teljes biztosítással vettem át az autót de felkészültek voltak mert az időjárásra tekintettel szeges gumikat raktak rá, így kényelmesen megtekinthettük Izland eldugodtabb látnivalóit is. Ajánlom mindenkinek a céget!

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- Renter from Hungary. Rented Dacia Duster.

It is a sactisfactory experience to rent a car in this company...

From Google reviews:

It is a sactisfactory experience to rent a car in this company. I purchase the platinum insurance package. If you are going to drive around Iceland which is full of unpredictable road condition and weather. The packages can provide you with a secure insurance. The process to get the car is important especially after your long journey to Iceland, the staff give me a fast pick up and return process. The car is clean, in good ocondition and perfectly function.

* * * * *
- Renter from China. Rented Suzuki Vitara.