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I used them as well ...

From Tripadvisor:

I used them as well and they get my highest recommendation.

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- Renter from Usa. Rented Toyota Corolla.

In July, we rent a 4WD Suzuki Jimny...

From Tripadvisor:

In July, we rent a 4WD Suzuki Jimny from Reykjavik rent-a-car and were really happy with the experience!

They gave us a Grand Vitara (older model) instead... old car but more room for our luggage’s :-)
We found them to give excellent customer service (pickup at 3am at the airport, free GPS for minor problem with the car, etc.) Good pricing too. Highly recommended!

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- Renter from France. Rented Suzuki Jimny.

They will have my business...

From Tripadvisor:

They will have my business when we go late next year. Another thread had many travellers that raved about their customer service.

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- Renter from USA. Rented Toyota.

We, a group of 18, rented two Hyundai Starex H1...

From Tripadvisor:

We, a group of 18, rented two Hyundai Starex H1 vans from Reykjavik Rent a Car for the Golden Circle Tour and a trip around Iceland. When we had a flat in Reykjavik late on our first day, Reykjavik Rent a Car provided excellent service to enable us to continue our trip without delay. Pickup and drop off at our hostels was very convenient. We later rented a vehicle for one day and again, the service was excellent. We recommend Reykjavik Rent a Car to fellow travellers. Edie Leier, Vernon, BC, Canada

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- Renter from Canada. Rented Hyundai Starex.

We were very happy with Reykjavik Rent a Car...

From Tripadvisor:

We were very happy with Reykjavik Rent a Car, too. We hired one Hyundai Santa Fe for the four of us. The car was delivered on time and was in excellent condition. it was brand new and the guy who delivered it was very friendly. After about 10 days of our 14-day journey we had an accident. We called Reykjavik Rent a Car and they had an extra car for us. After flying back to Reykjavik we got the same car again and were treated absolutely friendly. The replacement car was in perfect condition and brand new like the first one. The policeman told us, he wouldn't know how the insurance company would judge about the accident. He told us we could get a contributory negligence. At first the insurance company decided that it was our fault too, so we would have to pay our self-risk of 75.000 ISK. But with the help of Reykjavik Rent a Car, the decision was negotiated again and they decided that the other driver is fully responsible for the accident and we didn't had to pay anything. Case was closed and we were happy. After 2 more weeks the car rental contacted us again, telling us that they claimed the insurance company of the other car should pay for your flight tickets to Reykjavik the day of the accident too. It is amazing how helpful they were, we were just happy not being charged the self-risk and didn't thought we could get the extra flight to Reykjavik payed too, because the policeman was only smiling when we asked him about this and said, we wouldn't have any chance with this demand.
To sum it up, Reykjavik Rent a Car was extremely collaborative and helped us so much, regardless if it is their problem. They just stood up for us so we could get some extra money back. Absolutely recommendable!!! Thanks again. I had a really nice contact to them after the vacation. I am from Germany and couldn't think about a company being so unselfish and helpful here.

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- Renter from Germany. Rented Hyndai Santa fe.

Reykjavik Rent A Car is a fantastic company...

From Tripadvisor;

Reykjavik Rent A Car is a fantastic company, great vehicles, excellent service. You can get a phone and a GPS in your car, which is of great value.

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- Renter from USA. Rented Huyndai I20.

Very happy with Reykjavik Rent a Car...

From Tripadvisor:

Very happy with Reykjavik Rent a Car. A group of 6 of us hired a large 4x4 from them last December, so we could have some independence on our Northern Lights (Icelandair) Trip. It turned out to be excellent value, especially when you consider that you can deduct the cost of 6 airport transfers from the rental price. We were able to easily organise our own day tours to the hot spots like Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss - but at the times WE wanted to go, not the times the bus tours do it. Also, the whole of the Reykjanes Peninsular was there for our exploration given we had a capable 4x4. Service at the airport was spot on; professional, but also warm & friendly. I have just booked another vehicle from them, for use in July, and again communications by email have been swift (like lightning by Icelandic standards :)), friendly and efficient. Recommended.

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- Renter from UK. Rented Toyota Landcruiser.

Reykjavík Rent A Car - outstanding...

From Tripadvisor:
Car rental in Iceland is fraught with some uncertainty these days especially after unflattering reports (see Trip Advisor archives) suggesting misconduct of a major car rental company.
After doing some research and taking input from regional experts here (thanks Icelandic guide and Frozen Baz!), I settled on Reykjavík Rent A Car, a local company. My requirements were a 4WD for 3 weeks. I signed on to almost every available extra: SCDW Insurance, Gravel Protection Insurance, Extra Driver, GPS Navigation, Mobile Phone).
The Hyundai Tucson 4WD was delivered as promised to my hotel at the appointed time. After 3 weeks it was picked up from my hotel.
Reservation and all communication before and during our rental period was prompt.
A couple of days before the original rental period was to end, I decided that we needed the car for an extra day, and accordingly asked Reykjavík Rent A Car to extend the contract by a day. The contract was extended and Reykjavík Rent A Car gave me the extra day FREE. That is truly outstanding customer service.
The mobile phone given to us has a starter talk time worth 1000 ISK and we did not exhaust it (for international calls we used Skype via our computer).
I have every intention of booking Reykjavík Rent A Car for our visit again to Iceland next year.
Their website is -

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- Renter from United States. Rented Dacia Duster 4wd or similar | Manual | 5 doors | 5 persons | Free mileage.