For most people travelling to Iceland, adventure is the aim of the day. If you’re exploring different areas of Iceland and perhaps participate in some day expeditions, you might find that you don’t want to have to carry your luggage with you all the time.

There are times when it is very inconvenient to have to carry your luggage with you, for instance when taking a walking tour of Reykjavik, exploring a glacier or going whale watching. But there’s no need to panic – there are plenty of ways to keep your belongings safe while you’re on your Icelandic adventure.


If you’re coming or going from Iceland, you’ll be relieved to know that you can easily store your luggage at Keflavik Airport. This is helpful if you have a very short layover or if you are not planning in being in Iceland for long and don’t need all the contents of your suitcase with you. You can find out more about storing your luggage at Keflavik here.

Your Accommodation

The most convenient place to store your luggage in Iceland is wherever you are staying during your visit. Many hotels and hostels will allow you to drop your bags off if you arrive in town earlier than your check in time so that you can still go out and explore without having to carry your luggage with you.  This way, your bags will be waiting for you when you return to the hotel, ready to check in.

This also works if you have to check out of your hotel early but do not plan to leave the area straight away. Most hotels will store your luggage until later that day when you are ready to depart the area. The benefit of storing your luggage with your hotel is that there is often no charge for this (unless perhaps you plan to store your luggage for a day or more) and you won’t have to go to an offsite location to store and retrieve your belongings.


Some more popular attractions in Iceland have lockers on site where you can store your belongings while you are visiting. Attractions like Mývatn Nature Baths, the Blue Lagoon and others do have lockers on site for visitors. However there is no guarantee that all the attractions you’ll be visiting will have lockers, so you should check on the website or contact support ahead of time to check.

There are companies in Iceland who have lockers around Reykjavik, like Luggage Lockers. This allows you to store your items for as little or much time as necessary while you are visiting different sites in the area. Lockers like these allow you to come and go as you please, pay with a card and use a personalised pin to access your belongings.

Storage Facilities

If you’re going to need to store many belongings for an extended period of time, your best bet might be looking into a self-storage facility. If you are travelling in Iceland for more than a couple of weeks or you’re stopping in Iceland as part of a travel or gap year, this could work out to be more flexible and cost effective for you.


Depending on how long you will be in Iceland, you might find one or more of these options better than the others. It’s best to plan ahead as much as possible and research which option is the best for you. We are always happy to offer our customers advice in whatever areas we can, so you can always ask us about where to store your luggage when you collect your rental car from us. We’ll be happy to help!