Iceland is a wildly romantic location, with breathtaking and otherworldly landscapes, isolated hot springs, cascading waterfalls, sparkling lagoons and unforgettable experiences. Many couples seek out the beauty of Iceland for a romantic getaway, making Iceland a brilliant place to propose to your loved one. The only problem with proposing in Iceland is choosing from the hundreds of beautiful locations to do so. Here, we’re highlighting some of the most romantic locations for where to propose in Iceland.

In a Hot Spring
With its pale blue waters and steam rising into the cold air, The Blue Lagoon is one of the more obvious locations for where to propose in Iceland. What better way to woo your love than in these healing waters after a day of pampering at the spa on site? If you’re concerned about the lagoon’s crowd of tourists, you could always book a night at the hotel which includes access to the private area of the lagoon so you can have a quiet and romantic moment – then afterwards, a celebratory dinner at one of the lagoon’s restaurants. Or for somewhere a little more private, you could choose to visit one of these other hot springs in Iceland instead.

Beneath a Glacier
There are several glaciers in Iceland, and many of them hide spectacular secret tunnels, illuminated in the clearest blue you’ll ever see. Amazingly, these tunnels can be different every year, as the glaciers melt and reform throughout the seasons. Some of the most amazing ice tunnels can be found in the Vatnajökull glacier and there are many different tours you can book to experience this amazing beauty. Just imagine proposing to your partner in such an amazing setting…

On a Beach of Diamonds
Diamond Beach on Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is a sight in Iceland not to be missed. Chunks of ice from the lagoon wash up onto this black sand beach, in various shades of blue and white, glistening in the sun. This beach makes a truly unforgettable proposal location, and if you’re lucky you might even glimpse whales and seals swimming in the lagoon to make the moment even more special.

Behind a Waterfall
There are thousands of waterfalls in Iceland, all of them majestic and amazing to behold. Seljalandsfoss is unique though in that this is a waterfall that you can walk behind. There is a path that leads visitors behind the waterfall, offering a gorgeous view of the landscape, as well as the water rushing down in front of you. Wear appropriate clothing though, as you are likely to get hit with spray coming off the waterfall when you venture behind it. What a wonderful place to propose!

Beneath the Northern Lights
This idea is a bit of a gamble, but if you’re successful it can make for the most epic proposal of all time. Many people venture to Iceland to see the northern lights splayed across the night sky, but unfortunately, there is never a guarantee that you will witness the Aurora Borealis when you visit Iceland. It’s a great back up plan, though, because if the lights do appear on your trip to Iceland you can always improvise and propose when they do appear.