Icelanders love water. Swimming and enjoying geothermal springs is a favourite past time of the Icelandic people, and as a result, there are many fantastic places to swim in Iceland. Thanks to Iceland’s geothermal activity, many of the public pools in Iceland are naturally heated.

All over Iceland, there are plenty of public swimming pools where you can enjoy a swim for very little money. This makes enjoying a dip in some of Iceland’s pools a great alternative activity if you’re trying to see Iceland on a budget. Unlike some of the more trendy geothermal springs, the public pools in Iceland are typically frequented by locals so you generally will not feel like you are at a tourist trap when visited one of these pools.

But in a country with so many fantastic swimming pools, how can you know which ones you simply can’t miss? We’ve put together a list of the best swimming pools in Iceland worth visiting on your holiday.

Laugarskard Swimming Pool

Located outside of Reykjavik in Hveragerði, this pool is naturally heated geothermally. The facilities at Laugarskard are fantastic, and in addition to the 50m pool, there are also a fitness centre, sauna, hot pots, changing rooms, and showers. The setting is also beautiful and the thermal baths are open year-round, making it the perfect pool to visit any time of the year.

Sundlaug Akureyrar

This modern swimming facility in Akureyri is just as popular with locals as it is with visitors to Iceland. The site has two large swimming pools on offer along with three fantastic water slides. There is also a sauna, hot tubs, and even a designated area where visitors can sunbathe. This pool is perfect if you are visiting Iceland with a young child, as there is plenty to keep them occupied so long as you supervise them properly.

Sundlaug Seltjarnarness

Conveniently located just outside Reykjavik’s centre, this is the city’s only pool containing salt water. The facility is well rounded, and includes an outdoor pool, two pools for children, steam bath and even a number of hot tubs. The unique mineral qualities of this water have many health benefits for the skin. There is a water slide as well, making this an ideal pool for adults and children alike.


Another pool which is located in the city of Reykjavik, Grafarvogslaug is amazingly well equipped for adults and children. The complex offers wading pools, hot tubs, indoor and outdoor pools, cool tubs, children’s pools, steam room, slides for both children and adults, and so much more. The facility is exceptionally clean and there is plenty for visitors and locals to explore. If you are someone who loves to swim, definitely don’t miss this pool on your trip to Reykjavik!

Sundlaugin á Hofsósi

While this is one of Iceland’s simpler pools without extensive facilities, it has one of the best views in all of Iceland. Located in the north of Iceland just outside of Hofsós, along the Skagafjörður fjord. The facility consists of one single pool located along the coastline, giving it the illusion that it spills into the fjord beyond. For those who are eager for a swimming experience closer to nature and without the bells and whistles of a large swimming complex, this is the pool to see