Parking in Reykjavík - Where Can I Park and Is It Free?

Parking in Reykjavik is always free after 6pm and is free all day on Sundays. The only exception is if you are in a multi-storey car park. Charges do apply from 9am weekdays and 10am on Saturdays.

Renting a car is the best way to get around Iceland and see all the sights during your trip to the country. Public transport can be limited and make it difficult to reach certain regions, and renting a car means you are not restricted by transport schedules. With free parking available, it is important to know where you can and can’t park in the capital during your visit. We have put together a guide about where you can park in Reykjavik during your stay and what you will have to pay.

What are the Parking Zones?

There are 4 parking zones in the capital and each have different charges and rates when it comes to parking. Generally, it is only within these zones in downtown Reykjavik that you must pay for parking, most other places should be free. If you don’t see a “P” parking sign or information about charges clearly displayed, then you shouldn’t have to pay for parking. The different rates for parking in Reykjavik are charged at an hourly rate as follows;

  • Red & Pink – Area P1; these are the most expensive areas to park, charging 250 ISK (1.8 EUR)
  • Blue – Area P2; these areas of parking charge 125 ISK (0.9 EUR)
  • Green – Area P3; these regions of the capital charge 90 ISK (0.6 EUR)
  • Orange – Area P4; only valid during weekdays charging 125 ISK (0.9 EUR)

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

You can generally pay for parking with both cash and credit cards in most places, but there are still some old fashioned machines around. These older parking meters will only accept coins and are generally located down side streets in downtown Reykjavik. You can still use a pay and display machine to get a valid ticket for parking if you only have a credit card, but it could be difficult to find a machine if you don’t know where you are. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep some coins with you in case you come across an old parking meter in the city.

Where Else Can I Park?

It's not only just street parking and parking lots that are available in Reykjavik, there are other parking options in the capital. One of the best places to park in Reykjavik is in multi-storey car parks, which are usually much cheaper than the parking zone charges. If you want to be sure of a parking space, then there is a great website that provides live parking updates - The website is currently only available in Icelandic but you can easily navigate by choosing your location and seeing the number of spaces available in green.

Free Parking for Eco-Friendly Cars

You might’ve heard about free parking for eco-friendly cars in Reykjavik and there are exemptions for the smallest cars, which includes rental cars too. If your car qualifies then you will be able to make use of free parking in all zones. You should be able to identify whether you have free parking as there should be a clock shaped sticker in your window. This is marked by the Reykjavik crest, but will only give you 90 minutes of free parking, after which point you will have to pay.