Here at Reykjavik rent a car we know how hard it is to find all kinds of information about traveling to Iceland. So we have made a list of what´s on, where to eat, where to party, where to read the news and what to do in Reykjavik and around the country. Hopefully all this information will help you plan your best trip to Iceland. 

What's on in Reykjavík 

For events, festivals and what´s on when you are in Iceland

What's on in Iceland - The Arts and Culture section contains some helpful tips

Reykjavik visitors guide - A culture guide of events that are happening at the moment

Visit Reykjavik - Reykjavík loves has a list of all events happening today and the next couple of days. Very helpful if you find yourself with nothing planned, today!

What's on - A list of events and exhibitions in Reykjavik worth looking at

Harpa concert hall - Worth visiting just to have a look around but you might also want to grab a show

Things to do in October, November, December - A blog by SADcars car rental about what to do in those months

Nighthlife and fun

Don't miss out on the pub crawling fun

Grapevine happening - at the bars. A list of events happening tonight, and tomorrow night

Visitors guide - A list of pubs and clubs in Reykjavik 

Grapevine Appy hour app - A great app for findin happy hour offers, if you have free wifi this one is for you. Just follow the link.

Reykjavik loves - A list of local bars, pubs and clubs in Reykjavik



Traveling around the country

For when you are going out in the country

Inspired by Iceland - A complete guide of things to do around Iceland 

Visit West Iceland - Visit Iceland's guide on what to do in the beautiful West. It has everything except the Geyser, for real. 

Visit North Iceland - A guide on what to do in Akureyri and the rest of the amazing North Iceland. 

Visit East Iceland - East Iceland is less popular among tourists because of its distance from Reykjavik. If you have some time, it is well worth a visit.

Visit South Iceland - A list of things to do on the South coast. That is a lot. 

Visit the Westfjords - The beauty of the Westfjords is one of a kind. Follow the link for a list of what you can do in the area.

Visit Reykjanes - The Reykjanes peninsula is the home of Reykjavik KEF international airport and some rugged sights. 


Tips on all kinds of things

Some handpicked tips from us to you

Swimming pools - The best kept secret of Iceland is the local swimming pools. This is where you will meet the locals, soak outside in the relaxing hot water and enjoy the amazing views. 

Swimming pools in Reykjavik - Reykjavik has 7 swimming pools. Find your favorite and go relax. 

Museums - A complete guide of all museums around the country! And you can filter to specific regions, you plan to go to. If you are a museum buff this list is a must. 

Dos and dont's by Lonely planet - 14 points on what to do and do not do in Iceland combined by Lonely Planet. We think it is a rather good list. 

Hunting the Northern Lights in Iceland - our own blog helping you to see the amazing Northern lights




What's on in Reykjavík 

The best restaurants and local food information 

Trip Advisor Best Fine dining - Reykjavik has surprisingly many fine dining restaurants. 

Grapevine best of section - Grapevine is constantly checking the best of the best so the rest of us can enjoy food. Thanks.

Lonely planet Restaurant picks - Complete with a filter for all kinds of food, this website might help you find the perfect place for you.

Visitor's guide Dining section - A list of all restaurants in Reykjavik. Simple as that. 

A local's pick - A native Icelandic foodie shares his top picks. Hidden gems on this 10 item list from 2018.

Iceland Local Food - Focus on Icelandic ingredients and includes various videos showing how Icelandic delicasies are made.


Icelandic news in English

If you feel like catching up on the current affairs before your arrival.

Grapevine - A great news source written in English, for non-Icelanders. 

Iceland review - News and culture mixed together. 

Iceland Monitor - English version of one of the biggest online news sources in Iceland, 

Iceland Mag - Exactly what the name suggest. 

I heart Reykjavik - A blog by a local Icelander which has a lot of information about Reykjavik and Iceland. 


Hope our tips will be helpful on your Iceland trip. If you liked these tips, you can also check out our tips about driving in Iceland

Download this guide as a PDF and take it with you on your trip.