Iceland is full of wonderful natural experiences, outdoor adventures, unforgettable scenery that all make for the trip of a lifetime. It’s true, there’s enough to experience in Iceland to spend weeks, or even months, soaking up all the island country has to offer. But not everybody has the luxury of spending unlimited time in Iceland, and those who do visit, even for a few days or a week, may not get to tick every activity off their list. 

Iceland is also subject to drastic weather changes, meaning you may need to change your outdoor plans at a moment’s notice. Iceland’s weather changes can also foil your plans to glimpse the northern lights, which is a top priority for many people visiting Iceland between October and April when the aurora can be glimpsed. 

But there are a number of other fantastic activities you can do indoors that give you the feeling of experiencing adventure outdoors, and some that can even simulate the appearance of the northern lights themselves. Here are our favourite simulator experiences in Iceland.

Fly Over Iceland

Even if you aren’t hindered by the weather on your visit, Fly Iceland is one attraction that you won’t want to miss. Rain or shine, this new simulator experience in Reykjavik provides a rush for the senses. Guests of Fly Over Iceland sit in roller-coaster-esque seats in front of a giant screen which shows aerial footage of some of Iceland’s most amazing scenery, simulating the effect of soaring above it all. 

The ride even includes special effects, like wind, mist and scents to give you the sense of really being outdoors, soaring above some of Iceland’s best landscapes. The attraction leads you over sprawling glaciers, along fjords that creep inland like long, frozen fingers and so much more. 

Aurora Reykjavik

There’s more than one way to enjoy the northern lights, which is actually very fortunate. The northern lights are notoriously tricky to glimpse, requiring specific weather and light conditions to appear. But lucky for you, they’ve figured out how to simulate this natural phenomenon at Aurora Reykavik’s Northern Lights Center. Here you can learn more about what causes the northern lights to occur and view northern lights recreated on a massive screen in 4k quality, along with so much more.  


Perlan is a fantastic centre and nature exploratorium dedicated to the wonders of Iceland. The huge landmark houses plenty of attractions to give you a taste of wonders and landscapes all across Iceland. Multiple exhibits highlight a real indoor ice cave, a northern lights planetarium show, an underwater journey simulation, recreation of Látrabjarg Cliff and even a real ice cave! 

Perlan is a must-visit attraction if you’re on a flying trip to Iceland and won’t be able to get out and explore as much of the island as you’d like to.

Aurora Basecamp

Located outside Reykjavik, Aurora Basecamp is a fantastic starting place for hunting the northern lights. Inside the amazing dome structure, you can see a real-time simulation of the aurora - guaranteeing that you will get to glimpse the northern lights on your visit. 

Should the conditions be ideal for catching the northern lights, there is an outdoor area at Aurora Basecamp where you can view the phenomenon in person.