Everything you need to know about the Vadlaheidargong tunnel in North Iceland

What is it?

Vadlaheidargong tunnel is a brand new 7,5 km tunnel on the ring road a little further than the town of Akureyri in North Iceland. The new tunnel shortens the ring road by about 16km but the biggest bonus is that travelers will no longer need to go over Víkurskarð mountain heath which can be difficult during heavy winter. 


Photo from a brochure about the tunnel.

Price and payments

Driving through the tunnel comes with a cost.

There are 2 prices, if you pay within 3 hours the price is 1.500 ISK or if you pay after 3 hours it is 2.500 ISK. The price is each way so if you go back and forth, the price doubles. For details, please see the photo below or read all about the pricing on the Vadlaheidargong tunnel website.  


Service fee 

Please note that if you DO NOT pay at all, Reykjavik rent a car will be notified and will charge your credit card for the 2.500 ISK tunnel fee plus a 2.400 ISK service fee, a total of 4.900 ISK.

The Reykjavik rent a car advice

If you are traveling in winter and bad weather we absolutely advice you to use the tunnel. However, if the weather and road conditions are nice, we encourage you to drive the extra 6 minutes over Víkurskarð heath and save yourself the cost and hassle of driving through the tunnel.

For more information, check out the Vadlaheidi tunnel FAQ section