Iceland Travel Tips

Where's good to see in Iceland?

Iceland is packed with interesting sights and things to do. In fact, when you´re driving around you´ll notice how quickly the scenery changes and just how many different types of scenery there are.

Despite being spoiled for choice, we know every visitor needs a little assistance and that´s why we´re going to share with you a few of our favourite places in the north, south, east and west of Iceland; as well as in the beautiful Westfjords peninsula.

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-  Akureyri is Iceland´s second city – the self-titled Capital of the North. And with its population of ... read more>


-  The former national park at Skaftafell has now become part of the new Vatnajökull National Park – the largest in Europe... read more>


 -  Seyðisfjörður is among Iceland´s most charming towns, with its old wooden buildings and powder blue church... read more>


-  The town of Stykkishólmur lies on the north coast of West Iceland´s Snæfellsnes peninsula... read more>


-  This hidden gem involves an exciting drive with arresting views over Dýrafjörður fjord... read more>

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